A Filling Can Often Be Used to Repair a Modest Cavity Before It Compromises a Tooth

Cavities are small areas of tooth decay that form when the natural bacteria in your mouth manage to exploit the otherwise healthy tooth enamel. While this is often the result of an inadequate oral hygiene routine, other factors, like enamel erosion or chipped tooth enamel, can increase the chances of a cavity forming.

The first step in repairing a cavity involves your Riverdale Dental Arts dentist examining the tooth. This often includes taking a few X-rays. This will help Dr. Sheldon Kupferman assess the extent of the decay and insure that the internal structures of the tooth are still healthy and strong.

Your dentist will then tell you your numbing options. The most common method is to have Novocain injected directly into the surrounding gums.

All of the decayed enamel will then be removed, leaving behind a clean, healthy surface to securely cement the filling in place. The tooth’s appearance in your smile and its primary function in your mouth will directly influence the material the dentist recommends for your filling.

The most common filling materials used include gold, amalgam, composite plastic and porcelain. Amalgam and composite fillings can be directly applied to the cavity, while gold and porcelain fillings require two appointments.

If you’ve noticed a cavity on one of your teeth, you should call Riverdale Dental Arts at 718-548-1148 to have it examined and treated. We are happy to treat your tooth decay in The Bronx, New York!

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