A Previously Repaired Tooth with a New Cavity May Need a Crown Restoration

If you’ve had a cavity repaired by a filling at Riverdale Dental Arts in the past, it was designed to repair the tooth for many years to come. If you’ve struggled to maintain good oral hygiene in the time since the filling repair treatment, the remainder of the healthy tooth could become subject to a new cavity.

Should this occur, there might not be enough healthy viable tooth enamel remaining to secure a second filling. For a tooth so significantly compromised, Dr. Sheldon Kupferman might recommend a total dental crown restoration.

First, he will start by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays. It’s important to make sure the sensitive internal structures haven’t also been afflicted with bacterial decay. If it has compromised the pulp or root of the tooth, he might need to perform a root canal.

Dr. Sheldon Kupferman will then numb the area with Novocain before using a drill to remove all remaining tooth enamel. This leaves behind a small post called an abutment, which will eventually anchor your new crown.

Our team will then make a detailed impression of the abutment and will place a temporary crown over it. The impression will then be sent to a professional dental lab where your new crown will be produced.

A member of Dr. Sheldon Kupferman’s staff will call you to schedule the second appointment when your new crown is ready. The temporary crown will be removed and your new crown will be cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in The Bronx, New York, and you have a previously repaired tooth that you suspect has a new cavity, you shouldn’t delay in calling 718-548-1148 to have it treated at Riverdale Dental Arts.

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