Focus Your Oral Health Care on Root Canal Therapy

Always be mindful of the damage that can easily arise in your teeth. If your precious tooth enamel, which is the thin layer on top of your teeth that prevents damage to the inner workings of a tooth, is damaged, the inner linings of the root and pulp could be vulnerable. The pulp contains the inner workings of a tooth, and if they should be harmed or infected, a tooth extraction would normally be required. However, it may be possible to save teeth with damaged pulps through root canal therapy.

If the pulp of a tooth is damaged, it will need to be removed as soon as possible to ensure the tooth has the best chance of a successful recovery. Fortunately, teeth can sometimes function effectively in your mouth for a lifetime even after the pulp has been removed. However, a root canal therapy will be needed to accomplish this.

Any damage to your tooth enamel can increase your risk for bacterial infection to seep through. This includes damage via repeated dental procedures, microscopic damage, dental erosion, and the presence of cavities. Protect your smile against any damage to your tooth enamel to ensure a cavity cannot seep through and infect your pulp. If your pulp has become infected, a root canal therapy will be needed.

No matter which root canal therapy treatments you select, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can give. If you would like Dr. Sheldon Kupferman and our team at Riverdale Dental Arts to bring you in for a comprehensive exam to determine which treatment is right for you, please schedule an appointment at our dentist office in The Bronx, New York, by calling us at 718-548-1148.

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