How Dental Bonding Can Make Your Smile Better than Before

Did you know that spring is a very popular time to receive cosmetic dentistry such as dental bonding to achieve a beautiful smile? To perform this procedure, our dentist uses a high-quality porcelain material to repair damaged teeth and transform the appearance of your smile by improving dental flaws. Below are a few of the many benefits of dental bonding that you can enjoy from this easy and quick treatment:

– Dental bonding involves a material that is very durable, and therefore can effectively repair risky and unwanted tooth damage such as cracked and chipped teeth.

– Dental bonding can serve as an aesthetic alternative to dental amalgams for cavity treatment because the tooth-colored material can be matched to the color of your natural teeth to blend with your smile.

– Many patients receive dental bonding in place of teeth whitening to cover areas deep stains and discoloration on teeth.

– The development of gum disease can leave areas of your teeth weakened, but dental bonding can cover these spots and strengthen the teeth.

– Dental bonding does not need to cover your entire surface tooth if you are concerned about conservative dental treatment.

We invite you to contact Riverdale Dental Arts at 718-548-1148 today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheldon Kupferman to learn if you would benefit from a cosmetic procedure such as dental bonding in The Bronx, New York.

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