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How Is Dental Bonding Applied?

If you are looking to get a dental bonding, you may be wondering how the appointment would go. We will explain what happens during the application process so you can feel relaxed and informed.

The dentist will first make sure the bonding will match and blend with the color of your teeth. To do this, he will compare your teeth’s color against a shade guide. Once that is done, he will prepare the tooth for the bonding.

To prepare it, the dentist will make the surfaces of your tooth rougher by etching them with a tool. This roughened surface will help the bonding stick to the tooth. You need not worry, as this generally does not cause discomfort.

The dentist may also apply a conditioning liquid. This liquid further helps the bonding stick to the tooth.

The dentist then gets and shapes the composite resin, the material the bonding is made from. Once the dentist gets it to the shape you need, he will harden it by shining an ultraviolet light over it. After it is hardened, the dentist may etch it some more to make sure it is just right.

After that, the dentist polishes the bonding and places it on the tooth. After going through a few bite tests to make sure everything is okay, you can then be free to go.

If you would like to receive a bonding or have need of any other dental procedure, feel free to see Dr. Sheldon Kupferman at Riverdale Dental Arts. You can find us in The Bronx, New York, and call us at 718-548-1148.

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