Living With Dentures

Restoring missing teeth will improve your ability speak and to chew, and will renew your confidence as your appearance improves. Missing teeth allow your remaining teeth to drift out of alignment, and those empty spaces on your gums can provide places for bacteria and plaque to accumulate. Dentures are a cost-effective and quick way to restore that gaps in your smile.

At first your dentures may feel bulky in your mouth, and your body may produce more saliva than usual. While your dentures may feel awkward, if you have continuous pain or discomfort, you should see your dentist about having them adjusted. It may take some time to get used to eating with your dentures. Cutting your food into smaller pieces will help. If there are some words that are hard to pronounce, try speaking them slowly for a while until you get used to saying them.

You need to clean your dentures every night. However, the abrasives in regular toothpaste can damage your dentures, so scrub them carefully with dish soap and warm water, or use a toothpaste made for dentures. You should use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a denture brush. It is a good idea to clean your dentures over a towel or sink filled with water to keep from damaging your dentures if you drop them.

If you should break your dentures, do not try to repair them on your own. Glues or adhesives purchased over the counter can contain chemicals that are harmful to your body. Your dentist can repair or replace damaged dentures.

If you are considering replacing missing teeth, our dentist, Dr. Sheldon Kupferman will be happy to meet with you for an exam and consultation. To schedule an appointment at Riverdale Dental Arts in The Bronx, New York, call 718-548-1148 today.

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