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Mini Dental Implants in The Bronx, New York


Certain dental health issues can sometimes be best resolved by an implant that is smaller than a standard dental implant. Dr. Sheldon Kupferman may suggest mini dental implants in The Bronx, New York, after determining your jaw’s health and your specific dental needs. To learn more about miniature dental implants and to schedule your next appointment with our dentist, we encourage you to contact us today at Riverdale Dental Arts.

A mini dental implant is just what it sounds like — a dental implant that is smaller than a standard implant. Mini dental implants are most often used to anchor a denture for a more secure, stable restoration. Many of our patients find implant-retained dentures to feel and look more like their natural teeth.

Our dentist may recommend mini implants if you are interested in a less-invasive alternative to standard dental implants. Mini implants hold many benefits, including:

  • The process for placing a mini dental implant is less invasive than placing a standard implant, resulting in a more comfortable treatment and shorter healing period.
  • Mini dental implants are more affordable than standard implants.
  • In some cases, we are able to place the mini implants and attach the dentures in the same day, resulting in a faster tooth replacement process.
  • When used to anchor dentures, mini implants can enhance the comfort of your smile and allow you to chew, eat and speak without worrying about slipping dentures.
  • Mini implants, like standard implants, help to prevent bone loss after tooth loss, which helps to maintain your facial shape and volume.

To learn more about the benefits of mini implants and find out if they are right for your smile, we encourage you to contact our team today.


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