Is Your Smile Broken and in Need of a Cosmetic Upgrade?

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Is your smile broken and in need of a cosmetic upgrade? Do your teeth suffer from one or more ailments that keep your smile from reaching its maximum potential? If so, cosmetic dentistry can be used to help restore or repair your teeth, and in some cases, replace them entirely. Listed below are a few options you have to upgrade the look and function of your smile:

Cosmetic upgrades to damaged teeth: If you have damaged teeth they can be fixed for a better look or even a better build. Dental veneers and crowns are specifically designed to shield the damage, or even to hold the tooth together for a better look and feel. Teeth whiteners are subtle and use specialized gels and light sources to brighten and whiten your smile. If you are looking to fix just a portion of a tooth, dental bonding procedures can help.

Cosmetic upgrades for missing teeth: If you have missing teeth, it is important to determine your oral fitness to help decide which treatment is best for you. If you have a strong jaw, dental implants can be used to directly attach to the bone. For an alternative permanent replacement, dental bridges can be used, which link directly to nearby teeth. For a removable alternative, dentures can be crafted and removed on a daily basis.

Cosmetic dentistry might be the oral health care service you need. For an oral examination at Riverdale Dental Arts at our dentist office in The Bronx, New York, please book an appointment with Dr. Sheldon Kupferman and our team by calling 718-548-1148. We look forward to hosting your smile!